Soccer Post of Franklin Lakes Shares Tips on Buying the Right Cleats

April 22nd, 2014

Franklin Lakes, NJ (PRWEB) February 26, 2014

Sixteen years ago, the Brazilian superstar Ronaldo signed a shoe deal with Nike. He was asked what sort of soccer cleat he would like to wear. He told them he wanted a running shoe that he could play soccer in. This lead to the first incarnation of the Mercurial Vapor, and was responsible for the vast array of colors and designs seen on the soccer specialty store shoe wall today. So what’s best for me?

The first wave of new colors and designs will start rolling out on March 1st.

Since the release of the first Vapor, other manufacturers have fallen in line with their own offering. Most notably, and the Vapor’s closest rival, is the Adidas F50, worn by Lionel Messi. So the world’s two top players wear the two most innovative shoes. Real Madrid’s Ronaldo wearing the Vapor and Messi in the F50. Both lightweight (7 oz’s or less) and both very bright and colorful. Nike also signed the Brazilian Neymar to wear its new Hypervenom line, another lightweight shoe, also very colorful and equipped with ball interaction technologies on the upper. Each of these players will have their own personal color, exclusively worn “on field’ by them, although they will, of course, be available to the general public.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing these designs? The average age group of the customer purchasing soccer cleats is between 11 and 20. And it’s usually Mom or Dad picking up the tab. The final decision is invariably based on the customers favorite player. A Ronaldo fan would wear Vapors, Neymar Hypervenoms and Messi F50′s, but this doesn’t mean you’re buying the correct shoe for the correct foot. These cleats are certainly lightweight and wearing them certainly gives the feeling of increased straight line speed. The downside of a lightweight shoe is you certainly feel it when the opponent’s stud stamps on the top of your foot, raising concerns for the players welfare from a parents prospective. There’s also the danger that the shape of the last* of the shoe doesn’t match the shape of the foot. But these criteria can often take a back seat to the fact that the buyer wants what their heroes wear and give up on a few practicalities, convincing mom and dad that they’re perfectly fine, but with a real risk of blisters in their future.

Nike, Adidas and the other manufacturers offer a choice of styles to give the buyer the opportunity to find the shoe that’s right for them. You should be able to get a pair that won’t cripple you after three outings. The market is awash with designs, colors and technologies that suit every kind of foot. Nearly all of them available in a myriad of colors. And they’re available a several different price points to suit every budget.

Parents often lament the fact that when they played there was a similar choice as offered by Henry Ford’s Model T. Any color you like as long as it’s black.

The solution is simple. Take a trip to your local soccer specialty store and spend some time with them trying on shoes and finding which one fits correctly. Leather, synthetic or lightweight. Power and swerve technologies or a more traditional vamp. (Don’t get me started on blade or round studs!). There is something to suit everyone.

Buying cleats on the internet can be a bit of a risk as you won’t have the opportunity to walk around in them before you make your decision. Let the local experts help out.

But remember, with all the colors and technologies available today, the most popular shoe for the last thirty-five years has been the Adidas Copa Mundial. Kangeroo leather, and black and white.

The German National team is the last federation to insist that their players wear Adidas shoes. This means that a German player with a nike contract had to wear Adidas shoes while representing his county. The one shoe that they all picked to wear? The Copa Mundial.

*A last is a mechanical form that has a shape similar to that of a human foot. It is used by shoemakers and cordwainers in the manufacture and repair of shoes.

Rebel Junction Now Featuring The Latest Authentic Thomas Sabo Charms

April 16th, 2014

Vancouver, Canada (PRWEB) August 13, 2011

Thomas Sabo is a jewelry designer and entrepreneur who designs high end jewelry, charms, watches, and other accessories.

When Thomas Sabo introduced the Charm Club in 2006, he re-ignited the craze for charm jewelry, with his beautiful, intricately styled designs.

Rebel Junction features the latest Thomas Sabo charms and fixtures, with new items constantly being added to their stock. Thomas Sabo regularly releases new designs, in a wide range of themes from traditional, to rock and roll, to goth, sports, nautical, fairy tale, and countless others.

When those items are sold online, the designs are only sold on licensed e-commerce sites which are authorized to distribute his jewelry, such as

However, because the charms are so popular and are prized by jewelry lovers and collectors worldwide, there are unfortunately numerous sites claiming to sell Thomas Sabo charms, but only selling unauthorized knockoffs.

These counterfeit items are inferior in quality and design. Also, Thomas Sabo charms are made of high quality sterling silver; the counterfeit items are made of cheap metals, explains Karla Barton, one of the owners of

Barton urges that customers check to make sure that when they are purchasing Thomas Sabo jewelry and designs from an online store, that the site is an authorized distributor. One way to do that is to make sure that the store provides a physical address and telephone number, not just an email address. Stores that sell illegally counterfeited products rarely provide more than an email address.

Those seeking to browse through a wide selection of authorized Thomas Sabo charms, watches, necklaces, bracelets, charm holders, and other items, are invited to visit


WAISTED! Men Steal Belts From Louis Vuitton

April 9th, 2014

WAISTED! Men Steal Belts From Louis Vuitton
BOCA RATON, FL ( — The Louis Vuitton store at Boca Raton's Town Center Mall was the scene of a significant belth theft. These aren't inexpensive belts that you might find at the Gap or even Marshall's, but Louis Vuitton belts that …

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Trailblazer Quartz Crystal Necklace from Great Rock Moon Brings Jewelry with a Modern Edge to GBKs MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge

April 3rd, 2014

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

The chic, modern gemstone jewelry of great rock moon ( is set to hit GBKs by-invitation-only Luxury Gift Lounge in honor of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards nominees and presenters on April 11-12, where it will be gifted to members of the press stopping by The Artisan Group

Wholesale Fashion Square Expands to Include New Jewelry and Club Wear

March 28th, 2014

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

One of the internet most popular apparel wholesalers, Wholesale Fashion Square, has announced that they’re expanding their site to offer new club wear apparel, along with new, high quality jewelry items.

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to expand our selection. We go the extra mile by maintaining a finger on the world’s fashion pulse, so we can be sure to add items that reflect all of the current trends, explained Edita Kremerman, owner of WFS adding, We have received several requests for high quality jewelry items and club-style fashions. You asked for it and now, we’ve added to our selection to include these items!

Wholesale Fashion Square’s new club wear section includes a range of different dresses and tops that are sure to turn heads on your next night out on the town. And in staying with their commitment to affordable wholesale prices that allow for maximum profit, these new club wear apparel items are priced to move.

High quality jewelry items are also among the newest additions at Wholesale Fashion Square. These new baubles include necklaces, watches, classic jewelry pieces, chain accessories, bracelets, luxury jewelry items, rings, brooches, earrings, body piercings, anklets and toe rings. There’s even a section of deeply discounted jewelry items that are priced to sell.

These newest additions come in time for the release of Wholesale Fashion Square’s new Easter styles, with lots of pastels and frills, spring apparel with cheery floral, and plenty of bright tangerines and marigold hues, along with a range of prom dresses just in time for the Spring 2014 prom and semi-formal dance season.

A web-based wholesaler, Wholesale Fashion Square has apparel in a wide range of different styles, from classic and office-friendly, to chic, trendy, formal and beyond. Their offerings include plus sizes too.

Other recent additions to the site include an Editor’s Picks section, a new Styling Accessories line of offerings and a Flash Sales section with incredible daily deals which are available at a steep discount.

In addition to low prices and deep discounts, Wholesale Fashion Square offers promo codes, which are available on-site and via their email newsletter. The site also offers same day shipping, with a 12:00 noon PST cut-off time.

To learn more about Wholesale Fashion Square, visit

Au poil

March 22nd, 2014

Au poil
Alors que 2014 devrait, selon Natixis, être l'année des réinvestissements d'envergure pour les grands holdings cotés, son « equity story » s'était déjà bien relancée l'an dernier, grâce à de nombreuses cessions de participations et l'introduction …

Le triptyque givré de Moncler
Oubliée la doudoune classique, le créateur italien revisite les codes de la parka d'hiver culte sans passer par la case Bibendum. Trois séries de mannequins défilent sans interruption. Toutes sont rythmées par des changements de musique et par des …

Moncler SpA : sévère dérapage
Si tous les brokers s'accordent sur la valorisation exagérée de la maison italienne (aucun des principaux analystes de la place n'est à l'Achat), ils reconnaissent également les fondamentaux robustes du "roi de la doudoune", repris en 2003 par l …

Glamourös im Gletscher – Shooting in Pitzal

March 15th, 2014

Glamourös im Gletscher – Shooting in Pitzal
Über den Bergen: Daunenjacke von Canada Goose. Bandeau Top und Hose: American Apparel. Kette und Armreifen: Chanel. Skibrille: Loubsol. Stiefel: Bogner. title. Foto: Wiebke Bosse. Strickmantel und Body von Blumarine. Ohrschützer: Pipocaki. title.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Partners with Lone Star & Karma – Expands North American Distribution

March 9th, 2014

(PRWEB) February 21, 2014

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series expands North American distribution by partnering with Lone Star Distribution in the U.S. and Karma Nutritionals in Canada.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series is a brand of sports and fitness supplements that is owned and operated by 8 Time Mr.Olympia Ronnie Coleman. The brand started in 2012 with just 2 products being distributed in Europe and has since exploded onto the supplement scene now offering 11 products currently being distributed in over 100 countries. Ronnie Coleman Signature Series also offers a signature line of luxury clothing, gym wear and gym accessories.

Lone Star Distribution is one of Americas leading wholesale distributors for sports & fitness supplements with offices in Texas, Florida, Georgia, New York, Indiana and Connecticut. Lone Star was founded in the late 90s by CEO John Hoffmann who started the company by making deliveries himself out of the back of his car! Lone Star has since become a major player in the supplement distribution business but maintains the same hands on approach that the company was built on.

RCSS owner and President Ronnie Coleman on his partnership with Lone Star; We are very excited and grateful to be partnering with Lone Star and its founder John Hoffmann. John has built a tremendous reputation as a national powerlifting champion, world record holder and now an industry leader in supplement distribution not to mention one of the nicest guys my team and I have ever met. We look forward to expanding both of our businesses together. Initial sales and support have been incredible so far and were just getting started!

Lone Star is equally as excited and optimistic according to CEO John Hoffmann, Lone Star Distribution is proud to partner with the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series premium line of supplements. I am honored to know and work with Ronnie Coleman and his professional team. What Ronnie has accomplished as 8X Mr. Olympia, no man will be able to match. His hard work, dedication and competitive spirit is the energy of his entire company. We have the utmost confidence in the successful growth of his supplement line at Lone Star.

Within the first week of the Lone Star partnership Mr. Coleman was on the road with company reps visiting as many retail accounts as he could to thank them for their support and promote the new relationship with Lone Star. Its not too often that you see a celebrity owner of a company on the road in the field doing the ground work you would expect from the sales force. True to his humble nature, when asked about his exploits, Mr. Coleman responded, Hey, its the least I could. These accounts have invested their time and money in my brand and I want to show them my gratitude for that. I would visit every single account out there if I could. I think that personal face to face connection gets lost a lot in todays fast paced and technology driven world. People would rather send a text or an email than shake hands and while I do my fair share of text and email I guess Im a little bit old school when it comes to doing business.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has also expanded its business to the north in Canada by recently partnering with Karma Nutritionals. Karma is a leading distributor or sport and health products across all of Canada and around the world. Mr. Coleman was very excited to be breaking into the Canadian market and will be celebrating with two separate tours of Canada planned this year with the first starting March 21st. Im really excited to be partnering with Karma to get the RCSS line out to the Canadian consumer. Its great to have a partner like Karma that will support your brand through both sales and marketing efforts as well as work with you closely to ensure the growth of both companies. Ive been coming to Canada for a long time and they have some of the best fans out there. I won my very first pro show in Canada at the 1995 Canada Pro Cup. I cant wait for my upcoming Canadian tours to promote my line in Canada and meet the fans!

Jennifer Walker, CEO Karma Nutritionals, shares the same excitement as Mr. Coleman. We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. Some brands have great formulas, some have great packaging, some have great marketing RCSS hits the mark on ALL aspects. We are very excited to have Ronnie Coleman visit top stores across Canada to grow the brand. All in all we feel very privileged to be working with a quality brand and quality people.

Stay up to date with Mr. Colemans travel schedule by following him on Instagram @RonnieColeman8 or by using the hash tag #RCSS.

Discount Designer Clothing Shop’s Tips for Staying Stylish This Winter

March 3rd, 2014

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

As the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is lowering, it can be hard to style for these Winter months. However, with some helpful tips, staying fashionable this Winter wont be such a feat. There are several new items in The Discount Designer Clothing Shops stock, that are guaranteed to create a stylish ensemble. With designer Winter jackets, hats, scarves and boots, there are many items to add to the wardrobe.

When the Winter season appears, it is tempting to reach for the first warm thing when one wakes up, abandoning any fashion thoughts. In the Winter, it is important to stay warm and dry, but that doesnt have to involve sacrificing style. Often people find that the way to keep warm in the winter is by wearing bulky layers. After these bulky layers, an oversized ill fitting jacket is thrown on, but there are other options.

Several designer brands have created jackets that are both flattering and warm. The Discount Designer Clothing Shop has started carrying some of these top brands, such as Canada Goose, and Moncler.** These are timeless winter essentials, reasons Tant, so if you invest in quality, you will have them forever a smart Moncler ski jacket will last for years. These brands have a world renowned status for providing customers with a stylish jacket, that keeps them warm.

The Discount Designer Clothing Shop receives products via designer overstock, and products from previous seasons collections. This situation allows for products to be sold at lower prices, thus consumers can find these jackets at more attainable price points.

Another important aspect of Winter dressing is what one wears under a jacket. A warm sweater can be a versatile item for ones closet, in the Winter months. A sweater that is warm doesnt have to be bulky. The right sweater will be comfortable indoors, and warm under a jacket outside. Recently received menswear products included Dirk Bikkembergs Mens Sweaters. These sweaters are a great option for looking sharp and staying warm this season. For women , nothing beats a cashmere sweater. The Gucci Cashmere Sweaters are great options, for those trying to stay stylish, and warm. ***Cashmere is luxurious and fashionable and is also a durable and practical investment. Cashmere travels well and doesnt wrinkle. It offers great insulation; is warm in the winter and cool in the spring

Its not just Winter outerwear in new arrivals. The new collection also brings in some Bottega Veneta evening clutches for women.

Some feel that a clutch, or evening wear in general, is not a Winter style staple. However, with the Winter season comes many holiday parties. In the Winter, one may be more inclined to just wear a simple black dress, since it is dark and cold. Wearing light and bright colours, can feel a bit summery. That’s where these great knot clutches by Bottega Veneta come in handy. A clutch that adds a pop of colour, is a perfect solution for a simple Winter evening look.

The Discount Designer Clothing Shop has all the designer necessities to complete the perfect Winter wardrobe. With constant new arrivals, it wont be long before the new Spring fashions arrive.

For more information about the websites products and features, visit today or contact their customer support for inquires.

About The Discount Designer Clothing Shop

A recently launched online fashion retailer. The site offers a wide selection of products for men and women at reduced prices. The stock is carefully selected from the past collections of the top designer fashions. With brands from Prada, to Gucci there, is a large variety of fashions from 30-70% off.



Uncommonwealth: Richmond woman designs glittery shoes to throw from Mardi

February 25th, 2014

Uncommonwealth: Richmond woman designs glittery shoes to throw from Mardi
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Pay Dh89 for a Birkin, LV bag as fakes trade booms in Bur Dubai
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